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True or False? Common Misconceptions About Working With a Headhunter
Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by Jennifer Charron

True or False Headhunters As a professional headhunter I tend to hear several misconceptions from candidates about what it means to work with recruitment firms. Some of these misconceptions actually defer candidates from working with a recruitment firm and in reality these misconceptions are false. So lets put some of these false impressions to rest.

1. As a candidate I owe you a fee if you place me in a position. This is false. There is no fee to the candidate if we are able to find them employment. In reality, it is the client that pays us a fee for our services.

2. As a candidate you deduct a portion of my salary as part of the fee. This too is false. Our clients pay us completely separately from what the position is paying. So for example, if a client is looking to hire a General Manager for $90,000, the candidate will receive $90,000 a year and our client pays us a fee completely separate of that.

3. As a Headhunter your role is to find me employment? False. Our role as Professional Headhunters is to source qualified candidates for our clients. We work for our clients finding them the best candidates for their roles; rather than specifically sourcing positions for our candidates.

As a candidate if you have questions or are unsure about working with a recruitment firm because of things you have heard, contact the Headhunter , get the facts, be informed – before deciding not to work with one.

Jennifer Charron
Recruitment Partner
Lucas Professional Search Group

What Is Your Defintion of a Headhunter?
Posted on: September 8th, 2013 by Jennifer Charron

What is Headhunting to You?As a recruiter this is a question that I often ask my clients and in turn am asked by clients and candidates. To my surprise I have received a different answer from everyone.

What is a headhunter? To me, a headhunter is a recruiter that will directly “headhunt” specific skills, technical abilities, characteristics, etc. for a client. This does not mean that as a recruiter my job is to pick up a phone and cold call someone at their place of work and try to headhunt them for my client. Rather, what I do is research specific companies, network, post job advertisements, determine appropriate skill sets and filter through or rather “headhunt” through the applicants and select qualified candidates.

One misconception that I often encounter is that as a recruiter, my role is to find each candidate I meet with employment and that is often their purpose in meeting with me. As a recruiter my role is to help my client find the best and most qualified candidate for their open position. Although I do not source positions for each candidate that I meet with, working with a recruiter is a great opportunity for a candidate to gain access to additional jobs that perhaps they may not have access to. Recruitment firms have a broad range of clients in different industries and although a candidate might have applied for one specific position, as a recruiter I will review your overall experience and skill set and consider you for any open opportunity that might be suitable.

Personally, I like to consider myself a recruitment partner. I partner with the organizations that I am working with and recruit for them the most talented individual for their role. Many organizations I work with don’t necessarily have a formal human resources department so I like to consider myself and my fellow recruiters an extension of their team or their recruitment partner.

This is what headhunting means to me… what does it mean to you?

Jennifer Charron
Recruitment Partner – Toronto
Lucas Professional Search Group

Recruiting Across the Miles
Posted on: August 28th, 2013 by Vanessa Burns

Evolving Head Hunters

As recruiters and head hunters we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and network. As our economy changes, new industries emerge, and technology advances; the reach of our recruitment abilities and insights need to increase as well. There are a few things we can do individually as recruiters or head hunters to ensure we are remaining competitive on the global scale as well.

First with the help of such websites as LinkedIn©; we are able to move away from the traditional method of posting a job, receiving resumes via mail or email, and reaching candidates initially by phone. Social media sites allow head hunters and recruiters to reach out to candidates who may never see our job ads but may be excellent matches for our jobs. By being as visible and accessible as possible on sites like LinkedIn; we will be able to reach and be reached by candidates and clients from other geographical areas.

Secondly we should familiarize our self with interviewing candidates via Skype© or phone. If as recruiters one of our goals is to recruit on the global scale, it will be impossible to meet each and every candidate. Skype is an excellent tool for interviewing candidates that live too far away to make travel for an interview practical. Skype also allows recruiters to interview candidates that are currently gainfully employed and unable to leave/travel to an interview. Through Skype recruiters are not limited by time zones or time frames. Job seekers are keener than ever to relocate to where the work is, and this is an excellent way to recruit, and potentially place, candidates outside of our local market.

Lastly, larger companies are often drawn to urbanized centres. If you do not live and work in a large area that attracts a variety of industries, it is important to expand your network and awareness of multiple job markets. You can do this by researching companies outside of your network and contacting them via email, by joining other local networking groups (both in person and through social media sites), and connecting with potential job seekers outside your geographical location.

Our world is getting smaller and smaller; is your reach as a professional recruiter or head hunter getting larger?

Vanessa Burns
Recruitment Partner
Lucas Professional Search Group

Why a Recruiter is Necessary to Your Job Search
Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by Vanessa Burns

Why Recruiter is Important

Companies are outsourcing their hiring to professional recruitment firms, which employ head hunters and executive recruiters more than ever. As a job seeker, a recruitment professional is one of the most important people you can align yourself with. Here’s why recruiters are key to your job search!

Recruiters and Head Hunters have excellent knowledge of the job market. They know when companies are looking to hire new individuals often before jobs are posted for the public to see. A recruiter knows the trends in the job market; what fields are growing, which companies are expanding and what makes job seekers more desirable. If you are working with a head hunter or executive recruiter you will be able to share their knowledge of the job market and use it to your advantage.

Recruiters and Head Hunters in Toronto and surrounding areas also have a very large network of hiring professionals. It is their job to connect with individuals that are responsible for hiring. They can directly contact hiring professionals from within their network and market a candidate to them if they feel they are a strong fit. So if they are impressed with you, they may call up an individual who is looking for someone with your skill set and may find you a new job!

Finally if job market knowledge and connections is not enough to make you want to work with a recruiter; they can be an excellent source for coaching you in your job search. Head hunters and recruiters interview a lot of candidates, they post hundreds of jobs a year, and they reviews thousands of resumes a year. They know what makes a good first impression, what helps resumes stand out, what makes a job posting attract the right candidates, and they know what companies are looking for in their candidates.

So why not work with a recruiter? They are aware of the job market, have numerous important connections and can coach you during your job search as needed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when working with a recruiter!

Vanessa Burns
Recruitment Partner
Lucas Professional Search Group