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The Evolution of the Reference Verification
Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Jennifer Charron


Years ago organizations put little emphasis on reference verifications as part of their hiring process/hiring decisions. As time has gone on, reference verifications have played a more critical role in determining what candidates to move forward with as well as helping to be the deciding factor between top candidates

In the past, references were as simple as confirming dates and years or employment to just asking if the employer would hire that employee again. The times have changed!

At Lucas Professional Search Group we conduct 360 Competency Based Reference Verifications that are based on our client’s specific job competencies. We look at the core competencies and requirements of the position and create tailored competency based reference questions for each client. The 360 competency based references provide our clients with an in depth look at how their candidates handle specific situations, how they are viewed by their peers, direct reports and superiors, and helps clients understand how their candidates interact in a variety of situations. At the end of the process we provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of the candidates they have selected to help support their hiring decision.

The times have changed…ensure you are working with a recruitment firm that is changing as well!

For more information on our 360 competency based reference verifications contact one of our Recruitment Partners today toll free at 1 855 777 7009 or info@lucaspsg.ca

Jennifer Charron
Recruitment Partner, Lucas Professional Search Group