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Networking and Employability Skills Training
Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by Jennifer Charron

Networking & Employability On October 7, 2013, Lucas Professional Search Group had the pleasure of completing a presentation to a group of highly skilled women from WEST (Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor) on the topics of maintaining relationships through networking as well as employability skills.

Our goal for this training session was to provide simple, useful and impactful tools for the women who attended to become more comfortable with networking as well as techniques and tips on employability including interviewing skills, resume writing and professional conduct.

The term “networking” can be intimidating to anyone. I personally don’t know anyone who loves going into a room filled with complete strangers and making introductions. I do know that with time, practice and patience it does become easier and even enjoyable. With time you gain confidence, build connections and start receiving and making referrals. During our presentation we encouraged the attendees to get involved in local organizations, and begin volunteering in order to build their confidence when it comes to networking.

The second area of focus in our presentation was the extremely competitive job market that candidates are facing today. During this section of the presentation we provided insight on how to stand apart from their competition. We focused on how to create a strong functional resume, interview preparation, references, appropriate follow-up calls and timing, business attire and behavioural based interviewing techniques.

Lucas Professional Search Group is grateful that we have been able to partner with WEST on this topic and other similar presentations and look forward to sharing our insight on future presentations. If you are interested in learning more about how Lucas Professional Search Group can assist your company with professional training or presentations on a variety of employment related topics visit our website at www.lucaspsg.ca and send us an email by clicking on the Contact button at the top of the page.

Jennifer Charron
Recruitment Partner, Lucas Professional Search Group