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Is it Fair to Paint all Employees With The Same Brush?
Posted on: January 15th, 2015 by Vanessa Burns

employee-retention All companies have policies, procedures and expectations that each and every team member is expected to follow, but is it fair to paint everyone with the same brush? Is it fair to ask one employee to take on a task they find particularly easy, and ask another who dreads the task and truly struggles with it to do the same? If the task is above and beyond their job description… I don’t think so.

An organization’s strengths and successes are made up of each and every team member and their specific talents. While part of the team might excel and find one task easy, it’s not fair to expect other members of the team who struggle with the same task, to be held to the same expectations.

As leaders and managers, our job is to provide tools to our employees so they are able to succeed and thrive at their jobs. While there are some tasks that there will be no exception to, the ones that allow flexibility should be allotted according to everyone’s talents and skills. While we want to challenge employees and see them grow, we have to be careful not to place everyone at the same expectation level for those tasks outside of their job description.

For example… A team is expected to make a certain number of cold calls above and beyond their job description and one team member struggles at the thought of this task. This team member is an excellent administrator and could be assigned the task of entering the data received from the cold calls. Everyone then feels they are working together and part of the team to reach the same goals.

Remember, if we speak to one another’s strengths in an organization, our path to success will be much smoother and our employees will feel more valued and understood.

Retention…How Important Is It?
Posted on: July 14th, 2013 by Lucas Professional Search Group

Retention Retention is one of the most important, if not the most important aspects in organizational success. In today’s economy retaining talent is becoming more important than hiring new employees.

You might ask yourself; wouldn’t you want new employees in the organization to bring in new talent? Yes, there should be new talent coming into the organization, however the main focus should still be on retaining top professional level talent.

Talented executives tend to want to work for organizations that employ other talented executives like themselves. By having the industry’s leading professional talent, the organization will be looked at as a market leader. Most executives do not want to move to another organization where turnover is high. With high turnover comes lower company morale, less focus on employees and higher administration costs. Organizations with retained leading talent tend to generate more profit, stronger employee loyalty and a defined corporate strategy.

So perhaps the saying is true – you are only as good as the people you have working for you. To be the best…you need to retain the best employees!