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Lucas Professional Search Group

At Lucas Professional Search Group, we understand that the key to organizational success is hiring the right individuals. Whether your organization is expanding, merging or planning for the future, we have the ability to attract and retain professional talent that helps drive organizational success. We are a leader in our industry because we have a proven record of success.

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Our Process

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Identifying our clients’ unique business needs, organizational culture and fit is imperative in sourcing the right candidate. We meet with our clients’ to listen and fully understand their needs and from there we develop a job profile and competencies that reflect those needs. We also identify a communication plan tailored to our clients’ request to ensure they are informed at every step in the hiring process.


At Lucas Professional Search Group we have an extensive placement network e-recruitment technology and professional database that will match the requirements of a position with specific candidates. Our database is comprised of knowledgeable and leading professional talent. As part of our recruitment process we also post advertisements in various print and online media outlets, conduct direct search targeting suitable organizations, as well as connect with industry specific experts.


Meeting face to face with each and every candidate we interview is our standard at Lucas Professional Search Group. We conduct in person interviews with all of our candidates and only submit to our client a shortlist of the top candidates. We understand that each company is unique. Because of this, we conduct behavioural based interviews tailored to each specific position and each client. For every candidate we submit we will include a summary of the candidates’ employment history, expertise, testing results, references and an overall recommendation. As a final assessment tool in the hiring process we also provide our clients with a candidate matrix which compares the quantifiable scores of the top candidates.


Once our client has determined which candidate they would like to move forward with, we then facilitate the decision process by conducting thorough and detailed professional reference verifications, background checks and police clearances. Once favourable reference verifications have been completed, the offer is then negotiated between Lucas Professional Search Group and our client. Our services don’t stop once a candidate is hired. Once the employee starts we will then work with our client to help make the onboarding process as seamless as possible.


To ensure we have successfully placed the best candidate for the position, we will contact our client to assess the hire upon placement and within the first 30, 60 and 90 days of onboarding. We stand behind our guarantee of finding our clients the best candidate. Our longstanding experience in recruiting guarantees a “fit” that has been tailored to your specific employment needs.

HR Services

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360 Competency Based Reference Verifications

At Lucas Professional Search Group we conduct 360 Competency Based Reference Verifications that are based on our client’s specific job competencies. We look at the core competencies and requirements of the position and create tailored competency based reference questions for each client. The 360 competency based references provide our clients with an in depth look at how their candidates handle specific situations, how they are viewed by their peers, direct reports and superiors, and helps clients understand how their candidates interact in a variety of situations. At the end of the process we provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of the candidates they have selected to help support their hiring decision.

Outplacement Services

Organizations going through downsizing, restructuring and layoffs are increasingly looking to assist their departing employees with this difficult transition and help prepare them for their next career move. Outplacement Services provide counseling support to those individuals by helping them assess their previous position, set future career goals, review and assist with resume writing and re-formatting techniques and interview coaching. Lucas Professional Search Group will spend one-on-one personal counselling time with each employee to make the transition as smooth as possible and give them the confidence to re-enter the job market.

Interview Facilitation

Lucas Professional Search Group has experienced Recruitment Partners who can help facilitate the interview process from developing interview templates specifically for each position and client, to being onsite at the interviews which can be conducted at the client office or at one of the Lucas Professional Search Group locations. Lucas Professional Search Group will also design a position matrix outlining key competencies and skills required for each specific position. The matrix will help determine levels of experience, qualification, education and other position specific competencies in order to help our clients select the best candidates for each position.

Skills Assessment

Technology, personality profiling and specialized rating systems are key to our successful results. Web-based and accessible from any location equipped with internet access, our evaluation process allows us to determine the best candidate for your organization before you hire. Our skill-based testing categories include: Accounting; Healthcare; Manufacturing; Office/Professional; Multi-language; Financial; Skilled; Legal and many more. Our Work Personality Index (WPI) Evaluation assesses soft skills such as energy; ambition; attention to detail; initiative; persistence etc. We are able to provide you with employee selection tools that clearly profile the overall fit of the candidate to your specific requirements.

Compensation Surveys

As companies prepare to hire a new executive level employee you want to ensure that you are offering a competitive compensation package. At Lucas Professional Search Group we conduct a wide spectrum of compensation surveys for a variety of positions and across multiple industries. We compare company size and location, number of employees, local competitors in the market and employees at different levels with in organizations, to find out what companies are paying. This allows our clients to offer competitive salaries and compensation packages to their candidates and secure the top talent for their organizations.