What is the most widely recognized definition of headhunting?

Headhunting is generally defined as a practice used to source candidates for senior or specialized positions. Traditionally it has meant that a Recruiter would pick up the phone and directly contact or target specific candidates without any prior introduction or knowledge of whether or not that person was looking for employment.

What does headhunting mean to Lucas Professional Search Group?

At Lucas Professional Search Group, headhunting has evolved into sourcing required skills, technical abilities, characteristics, and educational backgrounds for specialized roles requested by our clients. In order to fill job vacancies, our talented Recruitment Partners at Lucas Professional Search Group will research particular companies, network in local communities, post job advertisements, search websites for posted resumes, determine appropriate skill sets and filter through or “headhunt” applicants and select qualified candidates for our clients.

How can Lucas Professional Search Group assist with your staffing needs?

Search firms have access to many candidates who are not actively searching for work. They have large networks of contacts, several media and advertising outlets and in most cases have candidates ready to apply to organizations immediately within a broad spectrum of roles.

The talented team at Lucas Professional Search Group is ready to partner with you and help you recruit or headhunt the top talent for the requirements in your organization.

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