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Hiring For More Than Just Credentials
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on May 19th, 2017


With job hopping at an increasing high and millenials (adults ages 19-35) making up a large portion of the workforce, it’s more important than ever to hire well.  A single bad hire can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and training.

How do you ensure you don’t make the costly mistake of hiring a lackluster employee?  Hire for potential and not just credentials.

Most companies tend to take on a competence-based hiring approach where they hire based on experience and competence.  But in a business climate that is rapidly changing, using this approach on its own is no longer sufficient.  It’s increasingly important to focus not just on the people who have the right skills, but also on those who have the greatest potential to learn new and evolving skills.

When looking beyond the appeal of credentials, look for results, not just descriptions of experiences.  Look for resumes in which candidates actually describe the results they’ve obtained, and how their work served their teams, companies and industries at large.  What you want to see is passion and drive, as well as commitment to results.

Assess the candidates level of curiosity.  Curious employees learn quickly and find better solutions because of their devoted interest in what they do. Additionally, look for candidates who show signs of coachability.  Ask questions to determine if they have proven commitment to self-improvement, are lifelong learners and know how to learn from their mistakes.  Try to ask questions that inspire more information from a candidate than just a rehash of their resume.  Learn about the direction of their career and where they see themselves as part of an organization.

In today’s competitive business environment, potential and ambition are more important than ever before.  Don’t make the mistake of focusing on just credentials and missing out on your company’s best-fit leaders.

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