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New Year, New Goals, New Job
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on January 11th, 2018


Whether you are thinking about finding a new job or contemplating a career shift to another field, the start of a new year is actually a good time to begin your job search.  Getting a job or making a career change ranks high on many people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions.  So, the good news for job seekers is that many people are looking and planning to leave their current positions, which in turn creates turnover and a spike in the number of job openings.

Since the conditions are positive for your job search, how do you make it happen?  Here are some tips that should help you land a great job in 2018:

Grow your network.  Go over the list of contacts in your professional network.  Is it up to date?  Do you need to delete old contacts and add new ones?  A new year is a great time to find ways to grow your network.  Consider attending networking events, creating accounts for networking sites like LinkedIn and using them to discover new contacts and influencers in your profession.

Work with numbers.  Set numerical goals.  These could involve the number of resumes you plan to send out within a given time frame, the number of informational interviews you set up in your targeted career field, or even the number of times you meet with people.

Refresh your skills.  There’s nothing like learning something new to open up your mind to new ways of thinking and to open your career to new pathways.  Consider courses that offer an opportunity to learn a completely new skill that you’re interested in, or try building on a skill set that you already possess.

Work with a recruitment agency.  Partnering up with a recruitment agency is a great way to find a job that suits your needs.  Whether you’re looking for a contract or temporary assignment, or something permanent with more stability, you can find an agency that will find jobs that match your career goals, needs for work/life balance and employment preferences.  Recruitment agencies have access to hidden job markets, opening up your opportunities considerably.

Remain open to unexpected opportunities.  Leave some space to stay open to unanticipated opportunities and unexpected twists and turns that could take your career into a completely new direction.  Have a plan, work it, but be ready for changes in the year ahead!

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