Giving Thanks To Your Superstar Employees
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on September 29th, 2017

Every Thanksgiving, you’re undoubtedly bombarded with advice on what you should be thankful for.  Friends, family, health, happiness, success, etc.  But allow us to suggest another faction likely to improve your quality of life on a daily basis: Superstar Coworkers.  You know who we’re talking about!  They make the lives of everyone around them – staff,…

5 Questions To Ask A Recruiter
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on August 11th, 2017

Every once in a while, the phone rings and it’s a recruiter on the other end.  While you might not be interested in what he/she has to offer, you have to admit that it’s at least a little flattering to get the call. Once you get past the initial compliment though, you have to get…

5 Ways To Help Keep Your Employees Motivated
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on July 21st, 2017

Quite often, the major motivating factor for better performance is higher pay; but almost everyone responds positively to praise and recognition.  Since not all businesses can afford to hand out regular bonuses, here are 5 other ways to help employees stay motivated and productive at work: 1.Provide supportive leadership Leadership is one of the key…

5 Things To Research Before Your Job Interview
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on July 7th, 2017

“Tell me, what do you know about our company?”  If you can answer that question well in an interview, it will help set you apart from most other candidates.  It helps hiring managers understand how a person prepares, or doesn’t prepare, to meet new people and new challenges.  It helps to understand if a candidate…

Falling Back In Love With Your Job
Posted by: Lucas Professional Search Group on June 23rd, 2017

What do you do when you have a job you don’t love? Plenty of people work jobs they don’t care for to get a paycheck they really needed. But after a while there comes a point when you need to get excited again or find a new job. When you’re happy with your job, you’re…

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